The BTS CI course has close relationships with the working world and local businesses.


These partnerships are aimed at making the training more concrete and more professional.


Different aspects of this collaboration :

  • Presentations in class to discover or go into more depths on topics such as the strategy of international development, customs clearance, the preparation of internships….
  • Internships in companies : management of import-export operations, a few examples: ( Schrader company : European leader in the manufacturing of valves for tyres, ATM : customs agent, Emile Pernot company : manufacturer of spirits (absinth), etc…
  • Company visits : discovery of their activities, their functioning, their international dimension (Sanijura, Guillin Emballages, Cristel..)
  • Professionals taking part in the exams as members of the board of examiners. (CCF : progressive evaluation)
  • Professionals’ aid in job seeking at the end of the second year (practice job interviews with the association APROJE)