Lycée Xavier Marmier BTS commerce international welcomes Jaume Mimó School

From 10 to 12 october, a visit of three colleagues from Jaume Mimó school (Cerdanyola del Vallès) :

  •  Mercè Rom, principal
  • Marta Trallero et María José Bonet, business teachers

Cerdanyola del Valles : a city located next to Barcelona with 57000 inhabitants.

 Catalonia is theSpanish region which is the most involved in the NETINVET network.


Jaume Mimó school :

Secondary education in Spanish and Catalan :

  •  ESO (1°- 4° )
  • Bachillerato

Vocational education :

  • Ciclo formativo de grado medio

 History of the collaboration :

 First meeting in the framework of the ODON project(Netinvet association) in April 2014.

Visit of Jaume Mimo school by Ms André and Ms Diez in November 2014.

Hosting of Lycée XavierMarmier’s students for internships since 2015.


The goal was : to strengthen our relationship

  • By pursuing the traineeship mobility : possibility of hosting one of their students (Erasmus+ grant)
  • By setting up learning mobility (Managing International Trade Operations / financing in English and/or French) in 2017-2018.


The result is : a reinforced partnership. An agreement in principle was signed about the reciprocal hosting of a student in BTS International Trade.

  •  3-week learning mobility with the validation of ECTS credits corresponding to the course studied.
  •  Traineeship mobility: internship in a local company with the support of the school teaching staff